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Updated: May 2, 2019

Secrets of healthy hair growth... shhhh💆🏾‍♀️

We all believe that our natural hair just doesn’t growth due to over heat usage, chemicals usage or poor maintenance. I am about to reveal to you the secrets of a healthy hair growth. There are many natural and simple ways to growth your hair and in a healthy manner.

Born and raised from Haiti, I never understood the value of my natural hair. Since I was 10 years old I always wanted to have straight hair. Always complaining to my mother that my hair was hard to comb, my hair was ugly comparing to the other kids at school, my hair was shorter than every kids at school. I know drama right?!🤪🤪

When I turn 18 it was about time that my mother had first relaxed my hair bone straight. I was so happy to see that I finally have straight hair and so soft. However something was not right. After a few weeks I started to have new growth under my straight hair and again it was difficult to cope with. I’ve decided to go to the hair salon every 2 weeks to « maintain » my hair and to make sure that it was always nice, pretty and bone blowout straight. My hair length was about a 6-10 inches and my hair was thinning fast. So much lies from the hair salon since most people just want the money and really do not care about the well being of the clients hair. After one last incident my hair was a disaster. It was shorter then ever and it was extremely damaged with the relaxer and the constant heat from the blow dryer. I tried so many things including expensive hair products, leave out weave, braiding you name it. My hair was still looking badly damaged. I tried going natural but I was so afraid of my appearance and like of self-confidence I found myself right back under the relaxer. It was the worst ever. My hair and my scalp were burned by this expensive professional hair salon and I had it.

I’ve decided to chop my hair completely and start from scratch. My partner and I went to the flee market and I got a hair cut from a professional barber. He was very nice and he razored down my hair. I start doing more research about natural hair maintenance. Day and night I was on YouTube watching videos. I was reading blogs from many different types of articles. Then I started to buy biotin vitamins suggested by a friend from work. Then I did some research when I discovered this amazing biotin shampoo that works miracles filling up my hair.

In doing more and more research I encountered some amazing natural oils for hair growth, hair loss prevention and hair strengthen. Some of the oils include: Haitian Castor oil, Akaona hair growth oil, wild growth oil, jojoba oil, menthe poivree oil, black pepper oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, Akaona vitamin E oil, olive oil, coconut oil and the 8 miracles paste grease from the Akaona brand. I also discover this amazing biotin treatment set that grew my hair literally over night. I started seeing results however my hair would still falling out. I realized that my hair was still weak. I started researching about that. I was talking to another friend of mine and she told me to try the Arztec treatment from amazon and the avocado treatment. She gave me a few great tips and I went back into my home office and I started doing different types of experiments to see how would those treatments beneficial to my hair and how can I help other people in need of the treatment.

I developed 2 great products I came up with 7-9 treatment hair mask and this amazing hair serum that combine with so many natural powerful ingredients. I also make a huge change in the food I eat and the amount of water consumes daily. I cut back in many things and I embrace my new lifestyle with the goal of getting results. My hair has grew 3 times faster than how I’ve had my natural hair in my entire life and this is just the beginning.

My secret ingredient to a healthier hair growth is having the knowledge of what to consume inside and outside of your body.

I am here to help you with the research and I am glad to help you embrace your natural hair and a healthier lifestyle.

Key words for healthy hair growth:

1) Accept the fact that your hair needs help. Make the big chop if that’s what’s needed.Take care of your body.

2) Drink lots and lots of water. Eat healthier at least 1 serving of fruit and vegetable per day. Set your goal. In your daily routine, make sure to add at least 15-20 minutes for your hair and that’s include morning and night. Use natural products. Watch and listen to the instructions provided by the vendors.

3) Use products properly. No rush. Effective results take time. Be patient. Wash, co-wash, moisturize hair, treat hair with deep conditioning mask and other natural ingredients or organic products.

4) Use protective styles including sewing, crochet, braids, twist, as long as your hairstylist doesn’t tight your hair too tight that it causes more breakage.

5) Give your hair time to breathe once you take off your protective style. At least a week rock and embrace your natural hair glow.

Let’s chat and leave your comments and questions. Stay beautiful and feel beautiful ❤️.

Ms. K-Pro

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