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Updated: May 3, 2019

Our Story

My name is Yoldie Petit, owner/ manager of K-Pro Enterprise. I studied business and healthcare. I have my associate and bachelor degree is health administration in 2015 and obtained my Master Business Administration & Healthcare Management combined in 2017.

K-Pro is single license liability company based online. Our story began long ago however it did not surface until a major life changing experience. I was born and raised by a strong brave commerçante name Marie Edith Petit in North-Ouest, Haiti.

At an early age I saw true life struggle of surviving another day at the flea market in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. My mother hustled and sold all types of “quincailleries » to raise and educate four children. I was passionate about this type of entrepreneurial work ethic. My mother has multiplied pennies to hundreds of dollars. I admired her endurance and thrive to attract customers and her management skills were unbelievably successful.

Fast forward to America where I came to live with my father. Life was quite different. It took me years to adapt to the new culture and the lifestyle that I was introduced to. I had no choice but to take control of my future. I began to shape life and had to take adult decisions. I was blessed with two beautiful daughters Miss Kayleigh & Miss Karla.

In 2013, my family encountered some of the toughest times of our living existence. In 2015, lights started to shine on our side and ideas and blessings started to pour our ways. We came up with the idea of starting our own business. My mother and I started a cleaning company named K-Pro Cleaners. We tried and did not really make any profits. We failed. At the end of 2016, I was working on one last project for school around 2AM, as I was writing the paper for school and all came pouring out my mind as if God was showing a new way to let go my inner fear and to finally open myself toward the talents that all along always had but never really paid attention to it as a source of income.

I started doing my hair ever since 8 years old. Every summer I used to go to beauty summer program to learn how to do hair professionally. I worked at 2 beauty supply stores in Miami and did volunteer work at multiple beauty salons just because I wanted to enrich more knowledge about the beauty industry. We are 4 ladies living together and I am responsible for our hair care. Washing, blow drying, braiding, twist, flat ironing, relaxing you named it. We always received so many compliments and the girls were always so happy and proud to brag about their hair. Peers from work would tell me « Yoldie you are so talented you must be in the wrong industry ». In Mid 2017 after graduation I decided to take my always love and passion that I had for hair, beauty and business to another level. I went back to the drawing board and I gathered all advises from family, friends, acquaintances, strangers and my accountant who is also a great mentor. I went ahead and legally changed the business name to K-Pro Enterprise. I started researching hair companies, watching a little of YouTube videos but financial hardship hit hard and again I crumbled again. I got up and kept pushing and I failed in the year 2017 about 7-10 times if not more but that did not stop me from chasing that goal. Although I know I had a passion for business and I had a master degree in business the struggles and the thoughts of failing over and over was vividly depressing.

In 2018, I started with a different approach and decided I’m going to give more time for research and allow myself to open a little more to the social medial world about my business and hoping things get shifted to positive vibes. God heard my prayers, he saw my struggles and my cries for help. K-Pro Enterprise is definitely on its best path to success.

From favorite skin to hair care, the range is influenced by the products that our customers prefer and adore. K-Pro Enterprise is continually introducing new products, influenced by customer demand and the latest trends. It is our aim to ensure that your style is always on message, whatever the occasion. “We want to make your online shopping experience as exclusive and impressive as you are. Our main goal is to reliably present to you the best natural beauty products and ideas, by staying aware of the current trends and always educating ourselves about the best practices”.

We are working tirelessly to provide the best services to our customers; we offer free consultations for clients who wants to transition from chemical products to more natural and healthier products for hair and skin. We sell 100% natural hair treatments, oils, deep conditioning, homemade hair serum, homemade hair mask, just to name a few. We sell 100% unprocessed virgin hair Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Indian as per clients request and shipping abilities all over the world. We make handmade wigs as per clients’ request. We travel for events as per clients’ request. We are available to respond to any questions and help clients with any request regarding delivery methods, hair products, chemicals to natural transition, appointment and treatments. We look forward to make your acquaintance and to provide you the best home care service possible.

Yoldie Pierre, MBA


P: 786-265-8491

C: 786-285-6996



K-Pro Enterprise, a single family home company. Our home, your natural feels ❤️

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